Judge Gail Andler (Ret.)

She has had a number of high profile appointments in sexual abuse cases as well as fertility cases and other cases involving product defects and catastrophic injury and wrongful death. Currently Judge Andler serves as the court appointed neutral to oversee the implementation of the JUUL settlements. She is also currently allocating settlements in wildfire cases, a national mass employment action, and is serving as an independent claim’s administrator in an international reparations program for a faith-based organization. Recently she served as one of the court appointed neutrals in the Facebook data privacy cases related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Court-Appointed Neutrals and received a Mass Tort Certificate from Duke Law School.  

Since retiring following 22 years on the bench including 10 years in the Complex courts presiding over class and mass actions, Judge Andler has been a full-time neutral with JAMS with a national practice. More details about her background and experience are available on the JAMS website. 


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