Lana Varney

Lana Varney believes practicing law is like fly fishing: preparation, presentation, and perseverance required. Global drug and medical device companies call on Lana when they need help with defending product liability litigation in the US, or when they want to try and avoid it all together. She currently serves as national counsel for several international companies defending claims against an osteoporosis medication, an afib drug, an anti-epilepsy drug, and female pelvic mesh medical devices. She has defended human blood products and plasma derived biologics, over the counter cough/cold products containing PPA, penile implants, seizure medications, bipolar treatments, and antidiuretic hormones.

After 20 years of the above, Lana also assists clients with developing best practices and procedures to avoid litigation. She develops Litigation Avoidance Programs tailored to meet client specific company goals.

An experienced trial lawyer in courts all over the country, Lana is known for developing cost-saving and effective legal strategies for defending multiple lawsuits filed in multiple venues. She creates unique approaches to assessing inventories of cases and assisting clients with defending against them.

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